3 Days to release : Song By Song / BREAKING AWAY


4. Breaking Away

Funk meets the blues. Escapism.

I played around with the chorus’ chords for ages before I decided to use it for this song. I wanted to do a song where the chords would carry the song, instead of a riff or melody line.

The first mixes were done with funk in mind but the whole thing just didn’t sound right, so we decided for everything to be re-recorded at Sting Studios. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, due to the costs involved, but the lesson is to rather get the source right than try and fix something that’s wrong. The drums were also changed to the pattern of the demo and suddenly everything fell into place.

I absolutely love the rhythm guitars’ tone in combination with the bass on this track. I used two Peavey Classic 30’s for the recording…one cranked to the max and the other at 4 with a bit of reverb. Bass, guitars and the drums took only an evening to record.

It took me quite a while to figure out the vocal phrasing for the chorus, as there are a million different ways you can sing it, but we finally settled on the album’s version. Over the years you become accustomed to a lot of things, which is quite sad and human nature, but when we recorded the drums at Sting and had everything going through the monitors at jet-engine-loud level, a tingle went down my spine and I felt, for a moment, the same way I felt when I discovered for the first time the power of an electric guitar.

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