4 Days to release : Song By Song / FANNING THE FLAMES


3. Fanning The Flames

Good day lovers of rock’n’roll! What do we have on the menu today? Light and shade, soft and loud. This is my second favourite song of the new album and was inspired by the chorus’ chord progression; which came to me and made its unexpected appearance while I was teaching someone something or the other on guitar.

Lyrically it is inspired by 9/11. I saw a website that had a camera mounted in the exact same place at the top of where the new World Trade Centre’s highest building is going to be. It was a 360 degree photo in all directions, so you could turn it downwards and see what the jumpers of 9/11 saw just before they left the tower. It was quite eary and very unnerving to see that first hand and imagining myself to stand, or be, in that same position.

This wasn’t the easiest song to mix due to the amount of guitars, but Matthew did a stellar job in my opinion. May we never witness again in our lifetime another 9/11.

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