Breaking Away cover

Hi everyone! At times it felt this day would never come but it has and I’m so excited to at last share this music with you. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in the making of this album for all your help and support. At times it was a very difficult process but everything came together in the end and I’m really proud to send this off into the world.

A special thanks to everyone at Openroom Studios where 70% of the album was tracked. A huge thank you to Matthew Fink who came later on board for production, mixing and mastering. Without him this would have been a much different sounding album and I’m amazed to see how much he has learned and improved as a producer over the past 6 years. Also a special thanks to James N. Brown for permission to use his epic photograph of Space Shuttle Endeavour blasting off from Kennedy Space Station  on March 11th 2008. Most importantly a big thanks to my parents without whose help I could not have done this and to Linda Thompson for her incredible work and patience with me to get this album out there.

You can buy the album from the  following online stores. Also look out for it soon on Spotify :

For further information, queries or opinions contact us. Last week I explained how some of the songs from the album were written and recorded – you can check it out here.

It might be a while before another Sick-Leaves album is released again, so enjoy it and thank you for all your support. Without you there is no point to all of this.



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