5 Days to release : Song By Song / I KNOW YOUR NAME


2. I Know Your Name

I dont know if the one chord song is possible or even exists, but I always wanted to do a two chord rock song and this is how I Know Yor Name came about. I tinkered around with 2 chords, the word “assume” came up while I was singing gibberish over those chords and suddenly I only needed a chorus.

In a way this is the most revealing song I’ve ever written and I’ll leave it at that. I must retain some mystery. All I will say is that I was born in the same year as that famous Smashing Pumpkins song…

The original rhythm guitars that were tracked for I Know Your Name wasn’t that great, so I redid them with Matthew Fink and suddenly the whole thing lifted off. The opening bass line is quite quirky and it was Darryl Torr’s brilliant idea to repeat it at the end. When I took the demos to him before we started recording I wasn’t that convinced by the song, but now it is definitely one of my favourites off the album. Another¬† studio technique Matthew and I revisited after Tunnel Vision was the reverse piano swell you can hear just before each chorus. Genius.

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