6 Days to release : Song By Song / THE OTHER WAY


Seeing as the new album is released next Monday, the 23rd, I thought to retrace my steps a bit and give you some insight into the making of Breaking Away.

Everyday a song off the album will be available for streaming at the bottom of the post.

1. The Other Way

This song takes its influences from a lot of artists, with the most prominent being a Michael Stipe type of vocal delivery in the verses, a Stone Roses call and answer bridge, an AC/DC guitar solo and a Bruce Springsteen over the top finale.

After Last Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy I really wanted to do something energetic and epic and there was no where else to put it on the album but right upfront. When I wrote the album I was into repetitive melody lines that works over a set of chords; very much like Coffee Break from Tunnel Vision. In the studio we tracked the main guitar riff and there were about 10 overdubs with different tones. Normally this isn’t good practice, but when we threw them all together in the mix it weirdly started to sound like Scottish Bagpipes. The magic of recording… It was also very important to me that the emphasis would stay on the drive of the guitars and I’m quite proud of the synth-like guitar line in the verses.

I love the lyric “The end runs in before it’s over”. A contradiction, but so many people die or lose their lives before it’s their time to go. The song is also about making U-turns once you hit a dead end and finding something better by going in the opposite direction.

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