Sites The Sick-Leaves like:

I used to buy NME every week when living in the UK and still check the website regularly for interesting reviews, events and interviews.

I play Gibson guitars. The first Gibson I owned was a 1991 Sunburst Les Paul Standard. Current axes are a 2006 Cherry Gibson ES-336 and a 2010 Light Caramel Burst Gibson ES-339. There is something about semi-hollow bodies that puts them in a different class to solid bodies. I highly recommend Gibson, the website gives all the information on each of the models available.

I play D’Addario electric strings

and Elixir acoustic strings

I play Peavey Classic 30 amps. They are compact and light and is seriously one of the loudest and most reliable amps out there.

Friends of The Sick-Leaves, sponsors and those with which we work:

The Sick-Leaves are proud brand ambassadors for Springleap T-shirts.

Strings, skins and sticks are endorsed by Music Connection, Johannesburg:

Photographer Sean Brand did the album artwork for Last Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and has photographed The Sick-Leaves on numerous occasions. The Sick-Leaves were also featured in his 2010 live music photography book: ‘En Ek Kan Nie Ophou Kyk Nie’.

Ravi Panchia is another photographer friend of ours. Take a look at his website and make contact if you are looking for a photographer.

Music influences and bands I like: