The Sick-Leaves cover classic Roy Orbison song : Crying


I have been a fan of Roy Orbison ever since I heard “You Got It” in the 80’s, so when the opportunity presented itself to do a cover of his I jumped at it.

Recording for the new EP, ‘Breaking Away’ was well underway when we heard about the Roy Orbison Under The Covers Compilation to honour his 75th birthday this year. There were a lot of songs I was interested in, so I had a quick Facebook poll and the consensus was that The Sick-Leaves¬†should cover Crying.

The arrangement took place within a weekend and the next Monday we started to record it at M5, SABC, with Openroom Productions. The hardest part, as is the case with any cover, was to make it my own yet honour the original song. Wayne came up with a fantastic drum pattern and the rest fell into place. The tempo was increased quite a bit to give it more of a rock feel and the emphasis was on finding the right guitar arrangement and to give a blinding vocal performance.

The tracks chosen for the compilation will be announced end of April so I’m holding thumbs. I’m extremely pleased by how the song came out as well as Darryl Torr’s fantastic production.This was a great experience and I want to thank the people at the Roy Orbison foundation for their encouragement and the free T-shirts, pins and sunglasses they sent us all the way from the United States.

Please give it a listen and share with all your friends if you like it via the Facebook & Twitter share links below.

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