The Sick-Leaves is now on Simfy!!


Good news! You can now listen to The Sick-Leaves on Simfy. It’s been a work in progress for the past few weeks by Linda Thompson. My appreciation and gratitude to her.

The Sick-Leaves on Simfy.

The Sick-Leaves on Simfy.

Simfy is like Spotify but a German based site which is now available in SA. If this is your sort of thing then please check out the link, join the service or portal and listen to or favourite the songs.

Simfy is worldwide with the South African site having launched this week. You can register on the site and then pay a monthly fee to enjoy a gazillion tracks.  You can stream all four of The Sick-Leaves’ albums, make playlists, mark the songs as favourites, share artists with friends and share songs played on Facebook.

You can also create radio stations to listen to all the songs from an artist or make a playlist of an artist’s songs. Let us know what you think and tell your friends if you dig it. Happy listening!

The Sick-Leaves’ Simfy page

Register on Simfy


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