The Sick-Leaves music videos:

All These Foolish Things (I’ve said)
Animation video produced by Matthew Mcfarlane.
Nominated for a 2010 MK Award in the category of Best Animated SFX music video

Missing (Everything But The Girl cover)
Directed by Jenna Bass.
Shot on location in Cape Town, 22 & 29 Sept 2008.

The Black Disciples from second album Stone the Crow
Produced by POPCULT
Directed by Hayley Poultney & Warrick Poultney

The Sick-Leaves perform ‘All The Times’ live on MK’s Studio 1, July 2010.

The Sick-Leaves perform ‘Coz you like it’ with special guest appearance by Tamara Dey from Flash Republic on MK’s Studio 1, July 2010.

Interview by Vuzu’s V-Entertainment at the launch of third album Last Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Eksteen talks about the sound of the third album and the album artwork.