When money is the sole motivation.


I was taught that unless you have something positive to say keep your mouth shut, but after thinking about it for a few days I’m going to break the rule.

Last week I read a Channel24 interview they had with a very well known local Afrikaans band. I’ve shared a stage with them a few times, they are great guys and I actually was a fan of them until said interview appeared.

With disbelief I read that they were currently doing shows overseas and if it wasn’t for the fact that they were being paid good money, they wouldn’t be doing the shows (“We’re not going to play gigs that aren’t worth it, financially”)… Now, it’s not unreasonable to assume that someone would do work and expect fair payment for their efforts (cover costs and hopefully make a decent profit), but to say that you’re only doing it for the money; as a fan of the band that isn’t good enough for me.

What also came across in the interview is that they are all busy with side projects and that those projects are the primary focus at this stage. Once again, no problem, but why drag your ass half way across the world to play shows your heart and soul is not into. Oh yes, it’s for the money. Their explanation is that they plan to write an album again, but it seems no one in the group believes it will actually happen.

For me the first priority of an original artist or band is the shows they play and the albums they record. If you were to make money from these activities, you are extremely privileged and part of a select few on this planet.

If your goal is “Just to get drunk, and we can’t even get that right”, I suggest you pack it in and nurture the legacy you’ve built as the most important Afrikaans rock band of a generation. That’s the least your fans deserve.

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